Pros and Cons of Online Poker

How long have you been playing poker?

In the recent years online poker has become tremendously popular and more and more players have been adapting well with the live games. Here are some of the main differences between online game and live poker along with the advantages of both types of games.

Live Poker Advantages

•    In a live poker game it becomes easier to get tells about your opponent’s cards from his body language and character traits, observing his patterns would allow you to decide on your next moves which could be a huge added advantage.

•    Playing live poker can a different kind of experience, whether at a friendly game at a friends place or even at a casino. The atmosphere would be lively and exciting and playing becomes a lot more fun.


•    Several players tend to play less effectively especially after they have had a bad loss. In a live game the speed is slow which protects the players in a way from experiencing tilts which might save them from loosing out on a lot of money. Between the different deals there is enough time to cool down and think rationally which doesn’t happen in an online game.

Online Poker advantages

•    In online poker the limit on the table would be the amount which you would be able to easily handle. The number of hands you would play would be much greater which would make winning at online poker quite easy and more profitable. It would also reduce the chances of staggering swings in the amount of bank roll. The same is true with other online games like blackjack.

•    Another advantage of online poker is that you can choose the time and the place to play. You can choose to play anytime you want and do not have to wait for others to be able to play. With live poker there can be a lot of time disadvantages.

•    In online poker there is large choice in respect to the tables and the tournaments with the betting levels. In online poker you can choose a table that suits your level of experience without having to worry about loosing out your stack to sharks. You can look at all the options and select the table you like, and if you are not comfortable, you can leave anytime and join another table. The 888 poker for example features a great variety of rooms, so everyone is able to find equal opponents to play with.

•    Online poker has several tools like the history of past hands and making notes which is not available in a live poker game. These functions help you take notes on habits and hand patterns of your opponents which you can use it at a later time when required.

•    There are several different variations in the types of poker games available online. If you want a regular game its always there but if you want to try your hand at a slightly different game you can select one from the many options available.


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