Shuffle Tracking

How long have you been playing poker?

Shuffle tracking is another form of raising player’s edge over the casino. Generally it can be applied while playing in free casinos, online and land casinos. It was first written about in famous book by Edward O. Thorp “Beat the dealer”. After Arnold Snyder’s articles and a book, called “The shuffle Tracker’s Cookbook” shuffle tracking became widely known to the public. Unlike the card counting strategies, where the player needs only some basic mathematic skills and a good concentration, in shuffle tracking this won’t be enough. Shuffle tracking requires perfect eyesight and almost a photographic memory, for the player to remember big amounts of information in a short period of time.
First of all, if you know, shuffling is a part of the blackjack game, when the dealer shuffles (mixes) the cards before next play. There are only 52 cards in one deck, and if you have at least good eyesight it is not so hard to remember their order. But, no land casinos have single deck blackjack tables. Of course they don’t or it would be too easy for anyone to count cards and to take away casino’s money. No casinos are interested in giving away their money that easy. And by the way, that is why no deposit play not so popular among big casinos.
Nowadays land casinos prefer to have 2,4,6 or even 8 deck blackjack tables, for making card counting, shuffle tracking and all other “special” card counting strategies for blackjack harder to implement. Harder, but not impossible!

What is the shuffle tracking?

The main idea of the shuffle tracking is to track and memorize cards order while dealer shuffles cards. By memorizing and knowing when and where certain cards will be dealt player can play without losing and increase bets with no fear.
Shuffle tracker does not need to memorize all the cards in the deck. It is, of course, very hard, but as well unnecessary. Shuffle tracker memorizes sequence of the high value cards in the deck, such as 10’s, Jacks, Queens, Kings and of course aces. High value cards are the most important cards for players, because with them there are more chances to win, than with low cards. Such sequences are called tracking zones. It is much easier to memorize places with the most of high value cards, and the sequence of aces.
Another form of card tracking is aces sequencing. This form of the shuffle tracking involves memorizing the sequences of aces to be dealt. Aces are the highest cards in the deck, with value of 11 points; as well blackjack combinations are made with aces. With knowing the ace’s order, if the first card dealt by the dealer will be an ace the player will gain 50.43% edge over the house, which is good. It is as well a 30% chance to get the blackjack, which is very good! At the same time it is always a good chance to make a strong combination with an ace as the first dealt card to the player.
Shuffle tracking is the most advanced card counting system. We strongly recommend using it only if you are an experienced blackjack player, and after learning at least one basic card counting strategy. Same as with all card counting strategies it is better not to get caught by the casino while shuffle tracking.

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