Tips for New Players to Avoid Poker Traps

How long have you been playing poker?

Most online slots, poker or blackjack players, when they just start playing would loose a lot unless they are naturally good players or they practice a fair amount. But it is still possible to learn about a few situations and change them quicker than they would expect. People mostly start playing poker at games where the level of play is very poor. At such games it is easy to win money even though you are not good at the game. You might loose some too, but mostly it is easy to win. Once you start playing at some of the tougher games you would realize that winning isn’t as easy as you had thought before. When the stakes are higher, even with good hands you would barely be able to break even.

Play for a play

People should play poker not just because they enjoy playing the game, but because they also enjoy winning at the game. People might play to win money, but the game itself should hold some fascination. It is alright to win at the low stakes game but the goal should be to win enough money to motivate you to make your play better. When you start playing poker online you would first be frustrated with all the professionals who would steal your blinds and take advantage of your lack of expertise. You might be discouraged, so instead you should just try to begin with the small stakes tournaments rather than playing the bigger games. At these games the play is different and the players are different too, most of them are not too experienced and winning against them is still manageable. This advice also works for blackjack tournaments. If you play really good you even would be able to make a little profit there.


Generally, when people start playing they would be too loose at first and once they spend enough time playing tournaments they would become more conservative and selective of the hands that they decide to play. This transition is quite natural and most players would go through the same transformation. When a new player would try his/her hand at online poker he/she would be encouraged to play more, they would look at their opponents and learn from them and from their mistakes. He would quickly come to know that playing all hands is not profitable and then playing too tight a game would be the next natural step since they would loose their chips too quickly. This would work better than playing too loose a game in tournaments and it is easy to play for months on your money with this kind of a strategy.

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Find balance


Playing too might make your money last longer, but you would still loose and you would still be not able to make enough money. The key would be to find the right balance somewhere in between. Once you start playing in the ring games you would automatically think about your strategy and why it doesn’t work out too well. You would then try to give your opponents the trouble that they were initially giving you. You would come to know what kind of table is good and which one isn’t. you would have to use solid and selective aggressive play in tight games and would have to be patient in the loose games. You would discover how to select the games and would get acquainted with the different types of games.

Once you play online poker for long it would become more profitable for you. You can then add other strategies and games to your play to increase your profits.


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