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These are the terms and conditions of the website that are applicable to the end users while using the website. By getting at the Website, you acknowledge to adhere to these Conditions. If you don’t approve to abide by these conditions, you shall not use or browse the website and we hold the rights to restrict your access to the website. If there is anything which is not understood by you, kindly do not hesitate to email us your queries to [email protected].


  • I. You will not:
    • a. Make use of the website (or any portion of it) for unlawful needs and approve to use it in conformity with applicable laws.
    • b. Transmit or upload through the website any viruses, Trojan horses, macros, worms or any other harmful program created to interrupt the normal functioning of a computer anything which is of which is libelous or of threatening or lewd nature
    • c. use the site in a way that can make the interruption or damage of website and impair its operation(ii) infringes the individual rights of any user, company or firm (inclusive of but not restricted to, rights to intellectual property, confidentiality and privacy rights) and
  • II. Attempt to unlawfully access any part of the site.
  • III. You accord that in case you have the claim, action or right again any other user of the site due to usage of that particular user of the website, then you shall continue to follow the claim, action or right without our dependency.
  • IV. You justify that getting at the website and making use of it you will not infringe any rules and regulations which are applicable to you.


  • I. We preserve the rights to:
    • a. Withdraw or change, permanently or temporarily, the site (or any part of it) without any notice to you and you affirm that we are not answerable to you or any 3rd party for change or withdrawal of the site and/or
    • b. Alter these terms at any point of time and the your pursued usage of the Website (or any portion of it) adopting such alteration shall be considered as your approval and acceptance of the modification. You must check back the terms frequently as you are subject to the terms listed here every time while using our website. If the users don’t agree with he site. We shall investigate any reported infringement of the complaints and conditions which are related to the website in order to make any action, and we also consider it appropriate (that might include but is not restricted to the warning, terminating, suspending, or attaching rules to your access or removing of any of the contents from our website).
  • II. We shall make our reasonable efforts in order to maintain the website. The website is bound to change at any point of time. Users are not e our qualified for any compensation since they could not use any portion of the website due to its failure  or withdrawal of all or portion of the website for any cause.


We consider the security of your personal information and shall handle it according to the Data protection laws of UK and in according with our Privacy policy in place from time to time.


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