Poker Game Glossary

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Advanced-Concept Player – A player whose plays based on the concepts of advanced poker.


Bankroll – The amount that a player is ready to risk. It could also mean that you lend someone else the money to play.


Cards Speak – A rule in which the value of a particular hand is based on what the actual cards are rather than the player’s declaration.


 Dealer's Percentage – Any game that offers the dealer a good advantage (Dealer’s advantage, Dealer’s game).


 Ethics or Etiquette – The courtesies and rules of the game, the violation of these would not be considered as cheating.


False Cut – The cut of a cheater in which the proportion of the stack of the deck would remain intact on the deck’s top.


Hand Pace – In comparison to the pot’s size the evaluation of calling, raising and betting.


In the Air – A tournament would start when the director of the poker tournament would instruct the dealers to start dealing the cards.


Jog – An uneven stack deck which is used by a cheating player to mark to show his partner where it should be cut. (Never used in blackjack)


Las Vegas Riffle – A more concealed and a faster way of riffling the cards, which is used for cheating at times.


Maximum-Win Approach – A strategy that directs efforts and concentration towards winning the most possible amount of money.


Nits and Lice - (1) A full house with deuces and threes or a two pair. (2) Threes and deuces as wild cards.


Open at Both Ends or Open End – A sequence of four cards that could be made into a straight with two cards with different values.


Pan or Panguingue – A type of rummy that is played in many Nevada casinos as well as poker clubs in California.


Quitting Time – A pre determined time for ending a poker game (Curfew).


Rangdoodles – A poker game in which the limit of betting is increased after a strong hand like a four of a kind.


Sandbag - (1) The act of checking and raising an opener. (2) To hold back on raising or to check to get the opponents to put more money in the pot. (Check Raising).


Ten Ten – A five card stud with high-low with a ten as low and a pair of tens as qualifiers for high. This game is generally played with two different twists.


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