Parrot Dies, Leaves a Legacy of Tips Behind

How long have you been playing poker?

Beloved parrot dies, leaves a legacy of tips behind the beloved mascot was not only an intelligent bird, but it was a phenomenal poker information guide. This amazing parrot could not only lead the school to victory, but it had some great advice for poker players too. It had the knowledge that a lot of poker players need to know about how they can save their bankroll. In its death people now want to spread the word, of this feathered friend that they adored. Everyone that has ever had a parrot knows that they are excellent speakers. They have an amazing ability to say what is in their head. Well, this parrot was all about the game of poker.

Forget about being even

One of the parrots favorite saying was “you will probably never break even”. This is very true in the world of poker and blackjack. In most cases you will lose or win, but not ever just be even with the amount of chips that you started with. This is because it is extremely hard for people to stop playing when they still have chips seating in front of them. They came to win, and will not stop until they are broke, or they reach their goal.

Skill vs. Luck

“Luck is not only in the cards”, said the parrot. Well, he was two for two. While it is great to get a lucky hand that is dealt to you, it is rare that you will actually get the chance to have one. You have to be able to use your skills in a poker game, to create your own luck. Use all of the knowledge that you have acquired through reading and playing poker, to give your luck a better opportunity to occur.

Cope with boredom

The colorful bird also told its listeners that they should stick to their game plan. Do not let the cards play you, play the cards. If you tend to play aggressively, because that is your method of choice, than you should play the way that makes you comfortable. When you are in a place that is uncertain, and tends to change rapidly, then you are going to be more effective if you are use to the play that you use.

Many people that play poker tend to get bored if they are playing online, or in a lengthy poker tournament. Everything might become boring, and you may start to not care about what happens in the poker game next for you. If that occurs for you then you should play till it matters. At least that is what the “poker parrot” thought. He was a very smart bird when it came to the ability to lift up the spirits of those that knew him.

Get cash

He did not like to live his poker life, on the edge though. He would advise his peers, to have plenty of cash on hand before they entered a poker game. This is a wise move. Many times in the game of poker people will invest too much money into a poker game. If the game ends badly for them, they are usually sorry in the morning light. Take the parrot’s sage advice and do not enter with your last bit of cash. You can lose it all, and be broke and very unhappy later. If you are in a game of poker, and you notice that you are being cheated, the wise bird’s advice was to get out of the game. Nobody wins when there is cheating involved. Poker that is rigged is a bad thing to find you caught up in.

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