Rebuy Tournaments

How long have you been playing poker?

Rebuy tournaments are not only difficult but they can also be very rewarding. The logic and the play used in a regular tournament would not work at all at a rebuy tournament since these are totally different. But once you know more of the tournament and accept the game you would learn to adapt to it and would be able to take on the challenge better.

True about tournaments

These tournaments are extremely fast and you would find the most aggressive play in these tournaments. Any one who wants to play in this tournament should have a sufficient amount of money to play with. The game is the same but the only difference is that once a player is eliminated he/she can rebuy chips as many times as they want to get back in the tournament.

This is not really for the passive player since the players here would push you with aggression and you would need the guts to be able to stand up to them. No matter how much money they make they would never stop bullying you. During the first hour especially, there would be plenty of mistakes and bad hands and although it might seem that there are a lot of dumb players out there, that’s not really the case.

Prerequisites of a good play

The first thing to do is to clear your head and get out of the normal tournament mode. Do not limp and play with strong starting hands. You would need a good hand to play with in case you are being pushed. And once you have good hands do not get intimidated by anyone. Call raises, put large bets and be as aggressive as you can.

During the first break there would be an option of an add-on and you should take it. If you are below the top 10% in terms of chips then you must definitely get some extra chips. During the second hour you should be in the same mind frame as the first. If you keep your starting hands strong and show no fear at all it will work out for you. The opponents would definitely try to knock off as many players as they can but you shouldn’t really worry about that.

When the tournament is ending

When it gets towards the end of the tournament and there are only a few players left, the opponents would get passive. Here you can either become passive or take over the situation. You might make a little money by being passive but its not worth it. Use your odds wisely and make the most of your position. It would help you in making lesser mistakes than the rest. Those who make it to the top 20 would be really good players and so you would need to steal blinds consistently. At this point the game would become much more like a regular tournament. You can at this time handle the game in the same strategic way that you would handle a normal tournament.

A rebuy tournament can be an experience like no other. It can take you for a wild roller coaster game since it is full of aggressive players whose main aim is to take your chips no matter what. Your performance at the game would depend a lot on how you think and how you handle all the pressure. The pressure is even higher as at the blackjack  tables when hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line. If you think straight and play a tight game you would do quite well.


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