Winning Poker Card Hands

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Before playing any online casino game of blackjack or slot machines you have to get to know the basics starting with equipment, patterns and hands. Below we offer you to study all possible poker card hands which you have to know before playing the real game. The hands are described from the weakest to strongest one. Having familiarized yourself with poker, you can switch to reading more about other popular casino game - blackjack.

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High Card

This is the weakest poker hand, that does not contain no pair of cards, the cards are not in succession and are with the different suit. The value of the High Card is denoted by the card with the highest value. In case of the ties the next high cards in the hands are to be compared to show the winner. If these highest cards are also of the same value the third, then fourth and fifth cards are considered.

Pair or One Pair


This is the hand that contains the pair of cards of the same value while the rest cards are distinct. The ranks of two One Pair poker card hands are found by the rank of the pair, then by the best of the rest three cards.

Two Pair

Two Pair is the hand that has two pairs of cards and one distinct card. At first the pairs are to be considered if the hands tie then the kicker matters.

Three of a Kind

This hand consists of three cards with one rank and two distinct cards that are not matched (because in case they are paired this is Full House but not Three of a Kind). To show the winner among two such poker card hands the ranks of three cards are taken into account. When these three cards are from one value the rest cards come into play.


This is the poker hand which has all five cards in sequence. In such hands the Aces may be both of the high and low rank, compare: 10-J-Q-K-A and A-2-3-4-5. If the hands tie the strongest straight wins, but if the values of the straights coincide the game pot is to be split.


This poker hand contains all the cards with the same suit. Like in case of ties of High Card the strongest card in both poker hands denotes the winning one.

Full House

Full House, as it has been stated, is the poker hand containing pair and three of a kind. When poker card hands tie three of a kind is considered and then the pairs are considered.

Four of a Kind

This poker hand contains four cards from the same value and the kicker. The strength of four cards denotes the winner when two hands tie, then the kicker is taken into account.

Straight Flush

This hand has the cards from the same suit ( flush) that are set in succession (or straight). The Ace may also be counted as the low or high card.

Royal Flush

Royal Flush which is the most powerful poker hand is in fact the best straight flush from ten to Ace. Thus, this hand has five cards from ten to Ace all with the same suit which are numbered in succession: 10-J-Q-K-A, all of the same suit.

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