Soft Hands

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As you may already know the main tool of winning blackjack is a blackjack strategy. Sometimes even the most experienced players forget about that, and forget some main rules of the blackjack strategy. And everyone can find them on almost any of blackjack websites, sometime even on poker sites as well.
In blackjack there are such notions as soft hands and hard hands. Combinations of an ace and any other card that is lower than 10 in blackjack are called soft hands. Ace can be counted as one and as eleven in blackjack, so if you hit soft hands you will never go bust. But, at the same time you need to remember, that if you have a soft hand and you hit it you may return to the same sum as it was before. For example if you have an ace and 5, it will be 16. But if you hit it and a 10 will be dealt to you it will still be 16.
Strategy with hard hands can vary depending on casinos rules. Like many specialized gambling sites have various rules and bonuses, poker bonuses for example, sources about blackjack always provide with necessary rule and other basics.
Some casinos have a rule, that dealer must stand on all 17’s, while many other casinos does not have this rule, and the dealer can hit soft 17 in order to improve his\her cards. It is, of course, better to play when the dealer is restricted to hit after 17’s, this gives a very good edge over the house, because it is easier to beat dealer’s 17.
Here are some hints on how to play with soft hands:
If the dealer dealt you an ace and one of the high cards from 10 and higher, it means that you have blackjack and you have won the game! Only in case the dealer has a blackjack as well, this will mean a push (draw).
Soft hands from 19 to 20 are hands that you better stand on.
If the dealer has from 3 to 6 and you have a soft 18 you should double the bet. The winning percentage is 55% in this case! If the dealer has from 2 to 8, stand on soft 18, and if the dealer has 9,10 or ace – hit.
If you have a soft 17 hit against dealer’s 3,5 and 6, or double, if possible.
Soft 15 and 16 need to be doubled if the dealer has 4,5 or 6. Never stand on these cards. You will never go bust with those.
Soft 13 and 14 are good for doubling down against dealer’s 5 or 6. With another cards in dealer’s hand you need to hit.
Always hit soft 13 if the dealer’s up card is 2,3,4,7,8,9,10 or ace.
In more easy way, the main thing what you always need to remember with soft hand – always stand on soft 19 and 20, and hit if you have soft 17 or less.

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